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Governor Lamlas inspects the progress of work at the Education Office and honors the school team

SMA NEWS – Aden the Capital

The Governor of the Capital Aden, Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, paid an inspection visit on Sunday, to the Education Office, where he was received by Dr. Mohammad Al-Ruqaibi, Director General of the Office, and the office’s officials and employees.

The governor listened from Dr. Al-Ruqaibi to a full explanation of the state of the educational sector in the capital, and a summary of the problems that the office’s leadership faces in the conduct of the educational process and the various activities.

During the visit, the governor reviewed the Education Office’s preparations for the transfer exams for the basic and secondary education stages, which were launched on Sunday, in the schools of Aden the capital.

The governor Lamlas, urged the leadership of the Education Office, to hone their enthusiasm and redouble efforts to make this year’s exams a success by creating an atmosphere for students and adhering to health precautions against the emerging corona virus (Covid-19).

On the sidelines of the visit, the governor of Aden the capital, honored Aden school football team, which won the second position in the school tournament for the liberated provinces that was held recently in Aden.

The governor praised the achievement of the national team, stressing the keenness and interest of the local authority leadership in sports, cultural and other school activities.

The governor directed the Education Office to organize more sports, cultural and artistic activities that develop the creativity of students and youth and refine their talents to use their energies for the benefit of them, and for their city and their homeland.

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