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Governor Lamlas stresses the need to protect citizens’ and public property in Aden the capital


The governor of the capital Aden, Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, stressed on Saturday the need to protect the private property of citizens and public property from tampering and rubbish by brokers and reckless persons.

During his chairing of a meeting with general directors of the districts, Lamlas stressed the importance of the role of directors of districts in this aspect, and not to be complacent with regard to attacks on citizens’ and state property.

In the meeting, in which witnessed the participation of the directors of general public works and roads, the Cleanliness and Improvement Fund, Water and Sanitation, and the governor’s advisor for districts affairs, Abdul Hakim Al-Shuaibi, Lamlas indicated that there is a remarkable repetition of some acts that disrupt security and tranquility in the capital, so the security authorities in the districts must follow it up on tracking down and arresting the perpetrators.

Lamlas directed to continue efforts to remove obstacles and slums, and not to deal with any contracts in public places.

In their periodic meeting, the directorates of the districts previewed their reports, which included monitoring of all activities carried out by them during the past two weeks, as well as the most prominent problems and difficulties they faced, and proposals to address them.

The meeting approved the formation of a committee to develop a vision to address the problem of the street leading to Bir Fadl area.

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