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Governor of Aden the capital directs for comprehensive cessation of construction work over some lands in the capital

SMA NEWS – Aden the Capital

The Governor of the Capital Aden; Head of the Security Committee in the Capital, Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, issued on Wednesday, a number of enforceable orders, which imposed a comprehensive halt to all construction work in the lands of a number of areas in Aden the capital for a period of three months.

The enforceable orders issued by the governor of the capital included the areas of: Ja`ula / Al-Emad / Bir Fadl / Bir Ahmed / Al-Sha’ab City / Salah al-Din / Ras Omran.

The orders in effect for the governor of the capital; head of the security committee, included directing all relevant authorities to the various security services and units and directors of all districts to work on the full implementation of explicit orders and directives, and to assume full responsibility for any actions carried out in the aforementioned areas during the three-month period, which takes effect from Thursday, February 25, 2021.

The directives of the governor of Aden the capital come based on the results and outputs of the Security Committee meeting attended by the Director of Aden Security and the leaders of all security units, in order to reduce the side effects arising in the aforementioned areas for a period of three months and temporarily until the resumption of judicial work, and activating the role of the bodies and interests of lands and housing for deciding legally in the disputed cases in the areas mentioned in the decision

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