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Governor of the Capital inaugurates training workshop on electronic application mechanism “We’re all Aden”

SMA NEWS – Aden the Capital

The Governor of the capital, Aden, Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, inaugurated on Sunday, the activities of the training workshop for the electronic communication project represented in the application “We are all Aden”, that allows communication between the citizens and the local authority, and which is to be launched soon.

In the inauguration of the workshop, that a number of directors of service offices, directors of directorates and a number of employees of those facilities and local authorities in the directorates will participated in, Governor Lamlas stressed the importance of communication between the citizens and the local authority with regard to reporting violations and problems related to services and the speed of dealing with the concerned authorities with them.

Lamlas pointed out that the idea of ​​creating the application (We are all Aden) comes within the context of the efforts of the local authority in Aden to solve many problems in the service sectors, and to involve the citizens in the efforts to solve them.

Lamlas stressed that the work teams that include employees charged with managing the “We are all Aden” application need to possess special qualities and features, and to have patience and endurance, given that they will receive many different communications and possibly false or malicious ones.

The participants in the workshop got briefed on the objectives and components of the program and its sections, methods of monitoring communications and delivering them to the entity with direct responsibility for them, archiving, documentation and other tasks.

The training workshop on the mechanism of using the application will be followed by a wide media campaign in preparation for its launch and the official launch of its work.

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