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Gulf analysts criticize the blackmail of Yemeni legitimacy and its threats to invade the south

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Senior Gulf political analysts criticized the allegations practiced by the Yemeni legitimacy forces in Shokra of Abyan governorate and in Al-Dhalea.

The Saudi political analyst Khaled Al-Zaatar warned against the provocations of legitimacy for the people of the south, stressing that the patience of the south begins to run out.

Al-Zaatar wrote on Twitter, that the Yemeni legitimacy continues to provoke the people of the Arab south, as forces belong to the legitimacy conducting military movements in “Shokra” and talking about the zero hour.

Al-Zaatar added: “In my estimation, it is not in the best interest of legitimacy to continue in the provocation of the southerners and test the patience of the citizens of the south, which began running out against the provocations of those affiliated with legitimacy.

Saudi political analyst Fahd Debaji on Thursday, directed a violent media attack on legitimacy, asserting that it does not care about the fall of the fronts in the hand of Houthi, and that its goal is to control the south.

Debaji wrote on Twitter, that is, a betrayal of the forces of legitimacy when conducting military movements to attack southern cities and ignore the real danger.

He added: “They demonstrated by this that Al-Houthi does not appoint them, that the fall of fronts and areas are intended and perhaps arranged by them, and that crawling to control southern cities has more priority than preserving the cities from the danger of Al-Houthi.


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