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Hadhramaut’s Security Chief Attends Deployment of New Police Officers and Solders as Part of UAE-Financed Program

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Al-Makla – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] Brigadier Muneer Karama Al-Tamimi, Chief of Hadhramaut Security Department, colonel Said Ahmed Ben Dobes Al-Obaithani, general director of Al-Makla, colonel Maree Said Ba Khalaa, command and control officer of Hadhramaut security, colonel Labeed Ahmed Al-Hamri, director of training and qualification, colonel Salah Al-Meshgari, commander of Hadhramaut Patrol Force and a number of security commanders of Hadhramaut attended the deployment ceremony of graduates of Al-Faisal camp to security posts of Hadhramaut coast as part of UAE-Financed training program and in coordination with Yemeni Ministry of Interior Affairs. This is to provide security posts with well-qualified troops who have new military knowledge.
Brigadier Al-Tamimi asserted the importance of such training programs to improve the military performance level of troops as trainees may use new knowledge they gained in their work. He wished new graduates success saying: “The UAE program is a clear evidence of friendship and brotherhood with our brothers as it provides us with new models of security treatment in addition to improving troops’ readiness for their tasks”. He also thanked the Arab Coalition, especially UAE, for their support to Hadhramaut and asserted that all troops should be an ideal for military punctuality and commitment to law enforcement.

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