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Head of the Transitional Office in Canada meets with author academic researcher Thomas Janet  of University of Ottawa

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Mr. Abdul Karim Ahmed Saeed, Head of the General Department of Foreign Affairs Office in Canada, met in his office on Thursday, with Professor Thomas Janet, the author and academic researcher at the University of Ottawa.

Saeed welcomed Mr. Thomas in the meeting, expressing his happiness with this meeting, wishing him success in his research and academic duties at the university, and conveying to him the greetings of President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, who pays great attention to the class of intellectuals, authors and academic researchers as they are the ray of knowledge enlightenment and a bright candle within the community.

Saeed thanked Mr. Thomas for his endorsement of the political symposium that was held at the University of Ottawa on January 21, 2020, in which the southern issue was highlighted, hoping for the repetition of such events held by the university because of their importance to research and scientific studies centers.

The meeting touched on the latest developments in the Yemeni and southern arenas in particular, especially about the human suffering of our people in the south in light of the continuation of the war and the spread of epidemics, foremost of which is the Corona virus, in addition to developments in the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

For his part, Mr. Thomas expressed his happiness with this meeting, expressing his understanding of the complex situation in Yemen and in the south in particular, due to the overlapping of international and regional interests in the region in general and the continuation of the war in Yemen, wishing the Transitional Council to achieve practical successes that the people touched to alleviate their humanitarian suffering and contribute to achieving lasting peace.


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