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Head of Transitional Council Executive in Shabwa: We offered to participate in purifying the districts of Bayhan, but authority of bin Adyo refused


The authority of the governor of Shabwa, Mohammed Saleh bin Adyo, refused the participation of the Southern Transitional Council in the defense of Baihan against the Houthi militia, despite the concessions made by the council’s leadership.

The head of the Shabwa Transitional Council Executive, Ali Al-Jabwani, said in a press statement that they offered the authority of Shabwa governorate to unite militarily to confront the Houthi threat, but it was rejected by the Islah group.

Al-Jabwani added that the prisons and detention centers of the Shabwa Brotherhood are full of soldiers from the Shabwani elite, yet we made all concessions in order to unite, but to no avail.

The districts of Baihan fell, in hours, to the Houthi militia after the forces of the Bayhan axis withdrew from the military fronts without a fight, which confirms the cooperation of the governorate authority with the Iranian militias.

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