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Headed by Lamlas – Aden executive approves forming economic council and demands reopening central bank branch

SMA NEWS – Aden the Capital

The Executive Office of Aden the capital, held on Sunday, an extraordinary meeting chaired by Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, the governor of the capital.

The meeting discussed a number of points on its agenda, most notably the formation of an economic council that examines the problems and obstacles to the development of the economic sector, analyzes them and suggests solutions regarding them, and helps the governorate leadership to activate the economic side and take advantage of the available resources.

The meeting also discussed a number of services issues and problems that the capital suffers from.

The governor stressed the importance of addressing the outstanding problems, and continuing efforts to find effective solutions to them with the cooperation of everyone from a local authority, government, Transitional Council, and civil society organizations, and not letting them pile up, or relying on others to address them.

“The problem of services and electricity has taken a lot of time and effort from all of us,” Lamlas added in his brief speech at the beginning of the meeting, referring in his speech to the mechanism for providing fuel to the electricity stations that have been approved and the most important challenges facing its implementation.

Lamlas stressed the need for concerted efforts to solve other problems that are no less important than electricity, and work to activate the economic role of the capital, Aden, which entails developing financial resources by harnessing the available capabilities and components and the need to take advantage of Aden’s resources and harness them to solve its problems and work together to build and develop them.

Lamlas noted that this has not been and will not be achieved without thoughtful scientific collective work, plans and chronic implementation programs and serious and responsible tools to implement them.

The governor concluded his speech by saying: “The observance of centralism and subservience to it is what brought the situation in Aden to what it is now, and it is something that requires the will and the adoption of historic decisions concurrent with serious intentions and the men who are carrying out their implementation.”

The meeting witnessed an extensive discussion of the points raised, with several practical proposals put forward by the members of the Executive Office of the capital.

The meeting approved the formation of the Economic Council and the identification of its members, the mechanism for providing fuel for power stations, and the assignment of the Electricity Corporation to implement a campaign to eliminate unauthorized random connections with the support of a security force and appoint a spokesperson for it.

The meeting also approved the mandate of the Industry and Trade Bureau to carry out price monitoring campaigns in the capital’s districts’ markets, activate the supply control work, work to enable the oil company to restore its role in providing and distribute oil derivatives, and follow-up on the reopening of the central bank branch in Aden, and press on the government to grant Aden its percentage of the proceeds from its financial resources.

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