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Headed by Lamlas.. The security committee in Aden discusses reports and stands before latest developments in security situation in the capital

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The security committee in the capital Aden, at its periodic meeting held onThursday, headed by the governor of the capital, head of the Supreme Security Committee, Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, stood before the developments of the security situation and the readiness and vigilance of the security services in the capital.

The meeting warned of going on with the fabricated media campaigns targeting the security of the capital and its affiliates, through the political exploitation of some of the accidental incidents that occur in all societies and governorates, falsifying facts and attempting to incite the street, spreading terror and fear in the souls of citizens, and destabilizing the security of the capital and disturbing the public tranquility by circulating these malicious rumors.

The Security Committee assured the citizens, residents and visitors of Aden that the capital, Aden, is witnessing a security stability that it has not witnessed before during the past five years, and that the security services in all its units are in their fullest alertness and readiness, and are working day and night to consolidate the foundations of security and stability, asking the people of Aden not to pay attention to these rumors that isknown for its goals and the parties behind its publication and promotion.

The Security Committee was informed of the progress of security procedures in criminal cases and drug cases, confirming speeding theimplementation and referring them to the judicial agencies for a decision.

In addition, the meeting discussed extensively the two reports submitted by the Director General of Criminal Investigation and the Director General of Traffic Police, and enriched them with remarks.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the previous assignments and what had been implemented were reviewed, and an emphasis was placed on continuing efforts to implement decisions, recommendations and assignments of previous meetings.

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