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In a Significant Statement, Southern Resistance Warns the Legitimacy and its Supporters from Holding any Event that Rises “Yemenization” Slogan or Yemeni Flags in Aden

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Aden – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] On Tuesday November 27th, 2018, Southern Resistance of Aden issued a significant statement warning the legitimacy from holding any events in Aden that rise the slogan or flags of Yemenization on the occasion of celebrating 51st anniversary of the first independence of the south in any of Aden’s squares. The southern resistance warned against provoking the southern people or humiliating the bloods of martyrs. The following is a translation of the original statement:
Since last night, the southern resistance is following news about the intentions of the legitimacy and its supporters to hold a festival under the Yemeni flag that caused the martyrdom of thousands of southern citizens when used by Al-Houthi in 2015 to invade the south and previously by Ali Abdullah Salem to occupy the south in 1994.
Therefore, we warn the legitimacy and all its branches from doing so, regardless of their arrangements with the Arab Coalition as such arrangements are irrelevant to the southern resistance that sacrificed a lot and took the responsibility of protecting Aden’s security and stability and preventing any movements of the northern parties or agents that may do harm to the dignity and freedom of the south.
We assume the legitimacy responsible for holding ant festival under the Yemeni flag in Aden as we assert that this flag will never rise in Aden’s sky even if this costs us thousands of martyrs as the dignity and sacrifices of the south are untouchable and will never be humiliated.
Those who call for rising the Yemeni flag may assume the responsibility and consequences of their call that will be faced by fire and anyone who tries to do so will be punished severely even if he is an official, a military commander or even a clown who follows those who sold their patriotic consciousness.
Accordingly, we call for the southern resistance to be ready, all in their battle stations, according to the plan sent urgently to all units and battalions from the commandership of operations of the southern resistance.
God is our Witness
Southern Resistance of Aden

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