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Killing Houthi military manufacturing official in Al-Dhalea

SMA News – Aden, the capital

A leading source in the joint southern forces in Al-Dhalea governorate confirmed the killing of Abu Jaafar, from Shallil of Qataba district, due to the explosion of a homemade explosive device he was exposed to in the late hours of Monday evening.

According to the source, the so-called “Abu Jaafar” is one of the most prominent manufacturers of hand grenades and improvised explosive devices used by the Houthi militias in their brutal war against Al-Dhalea for more than two years.

The source said that the so-called “Abu Jaafar” was making some explosive devices before they exploded and killed him instantly in Shallil Qataba area in Al Dhale’e.

The Houthi militias on the Al-Dhalea fronts are experiencing resounding losses on an almost daily basis, while the southern forces have killed dozens of leaders of the militias from their first ranks, since the outbreak of the second battle of Al-Dhalea in early 2019.

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