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Lamlas briefs French delegation about war effects on Aden and its service and development situation

SMA NEWS – Aden the Capital

The Governor of Aden the capital, Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, met today, Sunday, with a delegation from the French Promédision Organization, headed by Mr. Eric Blancott, Executive Director of the organization.

The Governor of Meles and Mr. Blankot discussed the organization’s efforts in communicating and bringing points of view between the parties to the war in Yemen, in addition to a number of issues related to the effects of the war on the city of Aden and the service and development situation in it.

At the outset of the meeting, the Governor of Lamas welcomed Mr. Eric Blancott and his accompanying delegation on their visit to the capital, Aden, stressing that Aden is going through exceptional circumstances these days, which are reflected in a number of problems plaguing the service situation, not to mention the difficult living conditions that left it, indicating that this It is a natural product of the repercussions of the war raging in the country for nearly six years.

He praised the efforts of the Promedition Organization, which seeks to mediate and bring views closer between the parties to the war, stressing that stopping that war will undoubtedly reflect itself on the situation in the capital, Aden.

For his part, Mr. Blankot explained that this is his first visit to Aden and Yemen in general, stressing his happiness in visiting the capital, Aden, noting that it was an opportunity for him to meet all parties.

Mr. Blankot pointed out that he found many common points, and that he found good security stability in Aden, and there are no signs of tension compared to the rest of Yemen, stressing that the situation in Aden is excellent and promises a good future for the city.

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