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Lamlas chairs Aden Security Committee meeting taking decisions to enhance security and stability


The security committee in the capital, Aden, held its periodic meeting on Sunday, headed by Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, the capital’s governor, head of the security committee.

The governor began the meeting by welcoming the Director General of Aden Police, Major General Mutahar Al-Shuaibi, wishing him success in his practical duties, stressing the full support of the local authority and the entire security bodies.

The governor noted that the terrorist forces and subversive groups have revitalized their cells with the aim of disturbing the security and tranquility of the capital, in which had been stabilized thanks to the efforts of members of the security services.

The governor pointed out that these actions aim to shuffle the situation and make Aden to be shown as unstable to obstruct the return of diplomatic missions and push international organizations to stop their activities and leave Aden, stressing the need to stand seriously in front of these actions and track down the perpetrators, and arrest them and hold them accountable.

Lamlas praised the success of the security plan to secure the government’s return and the great efforts made by the security units in charge of implementing it, indicating that what happened in the cowardly terrorist act was not under responsibility of the security bodies charged with securing the government’s return.

The Security Committee discussed in its meeting a number of security reports that include its activities and achievements, as well as the problems and difficulties it faces.

The meeting approved a number of measures to enhance the security situation in the d5istricts of the capital Aden.

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