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Lamlas discusses with UN envoy the international support for construction and development in Aden and investigation on airport incident


The governor of Aden the capital, Mr. Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, met on Thursday, at the headquarter of the local authority in the capital with the envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General to Yemen, Mr. Martin Griffiths.

The meeting discussed the developments in the Yemeni crisis and the efforts of the United Nations to achieve peace in the country, as well as the international support for the efforts to normalize the life, construction and development in the capital Aden.

During the meeting, the governor of the capital, expressed his thanks, appreciation and happiness for Mr. Griffiths’ visit to Aden, considering it as great political and moral support, in which he said: “Aden, as you have seen it, is a city of security, love and peace, that is looking forward to the support of the friends, and the international support in particular, to restore it to its normal state, which the world is accustomed to, hoping to direct the United Nations and international organizations in particular to increase their support and projects and raise the level of its quality in order to advance the efforts of construction and development process forward. ”

Lamlas stressed the need for international intervention in the investigation process into the terrorist and criminal act that targeted Aden International Airport and left dozens of martyrs and wounded.

For his part, Mr. Griffiths expressed his happiness for the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement and the return of the government to Aden to exercise its duties and responsibilities, hoping that its presence in Aden would help to alleviate the suffering resulting from the ongoing war that has burdened the citizens.

Mr. Griffiths added that he is happy to visit Aden, where he was born in, in which he will inform his children of his visit to Aden and meeting its governor, expressing his satisfaction for seeing it safe, stable and open to all, due to the efforts made by the governor and how he administers the city, and this gives an example for the rest, and good hope for him and others.

Mr. Griffiths pointed out that he had received a call from the Secretary-General of the United Nations, during which he informed him of how he was deeply affected by what happened at Aden Airport, confirming the United Nations support for the investigation process of the incident, and the near arrival of a team of the Committee of Experts to Aden, to provide full technical support in the investigation process.

Griffiths emphasized that he would urge the United Nations organizations operating in Yemen to contribute to the development of Aden and to adopt important service projects there.

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