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Lamlas to British ambassador: Aden needs support from the region and the world to pull it out of its difficult situation.

SMA NEWS – Aden the Capital

Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, the Governor of the capital Aden, discussed on Tuesday, with Mr. Michael Aaron, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom (Britain), the humanitarian and service conditions in Aden the capital, and the most prominent challenges facing the central and local state authorities.

During the meeting, which took place via video call, the governor of Aden the capital, previewed, in front of the British ambassador, the suffering that the capital Aden, is going through in a number of service sectors, and the great suffering that citizens endure in their lives.

Governor Lamlas explained that one of the most important reasons for the deterioration of the electricity service in Aden is the lack of regular fuel availability, stressing the need for the power plants for urgent supplies and a comprehensive maintenance process, to keep up with the requirements of the summer that started knocking on the doors.

The governor noted that this comes in light of difficult humanitarian conditions that citizens suffer from, such as delayed salaries disbursement, instability of the local currency exchange against foreign currencies, and the corresponding rise in the prices of basic commodities.

The governor of the capital, cleared that the humanitarian and living situation requires great efforts and the intervention of regional and international donors to support the efforts of the central and local authorities to help them normalizing life and bring about relative stability and gradually to reach a state of permanent and sustainable stability.

For his part, the British ambassador expressed his regret at the difficult humanitarian situation in Aden, and the difficulties facing local and central authorities in facing the current challenges, indicating that he would be keen to support the efforts of the local authority in Aden, as well as the central authority to urge the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to expedite the provision of fuel for power stations, as well as support efforts to control prices and stabilize the local currency.

Mr. Aaron pointed out that Aden and the liberated governorates should receive the attention and support that the citizens can feel in their living and service life, even if it is minimal.

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