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Looting and kidnapping by Houthi militia against people of Thokhab in Hasha Directorate

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Groups of Iranian-backed Houthi militias, with fighting mechanisms and armored personnel carts, on Monday morning raided the homes of the citizens in Thokhab, kidnapping a number of them and took them to an unknown destination after looting their homes and stealing their belongings.

Local sources from the people of Thokhab have spoken to the “Media Center for the axis of Al-Dhalea that the Houthi militia elements suddenly raided the village and arrested about 20 citizens of the village without giving any reason, and then looted the homes of the kidnapped after storming it and expelling its residents of children and women under the threat of weapons.

The sources added to the Center that the Houthi militia elements, after the kidnapping operations, had looted a number of vehicles belong to the people, while aiming weapons towards women and children and launching profanity towards them, amid a severe fear and panic that affected all the townspeople.

Thokhab lies to the northeast of the Al-Hasha district, on the northwestern border of the Hajar al-Lower area, according to local sources, whereas, the town is still within the geographical scope of Houthi militia control in Al-Hasha Directorate, and away from the circle of confrontations.

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