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Maj. Gen. Al-Socotri discusses with Commander of Arab Coalition in Socotra new implications in Hadibu

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Major General Salem Abdullah Al-Socotri, Assistant Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, discussed with the commander of duty forces 808 of Arab Coalition in the governorate of Socotra Archipelago, Brigadier Abdul Rahman Al-Hajji, the recent implications and developments in the city of Hadibu, the capital of the governorate.

In a telephone call held by Major General Al-Socotri with the commander of the Arab Coalition, the assistant secretary expressed his regret for the direction in which things took place in the governorate of Socotra and the recent military repercussions in the capital of the governorate, which resulted in the martyrdom of soldier Taher Ali Issa by a sniper from the armed groups and elements outside the law, stressing on the importance of removing the reasons that led to the recent tension in the situation, including removing any new points in the city and withdrawing any armed appearances from inside the city.

The Assistant Secretary-General stressed on the need to inform the leadership of the Arab Coalition to stop any provocative measures that are pushing towards undermining the social peace and stability in the governorate, indicating that the people of Socotra confirmed their rejection of the militarization of the governorate and the kidnapping, assassinations, and interruption practices that have emerged during the last month with the spread of extremist armed groups in the capital of the governorate.

For his part, the Commander of the Duty Forces 808 affirmed his keenness to spare the governorate any steps that would destabilize security and stability, stressing on his endeavor to calm the situation and address the reasons and roots of the problem that caused the recent repercussions.

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