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Major General Ben Brik: April 24 marks important national stage in Hadramaut history

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Major General Ahmed Saeed bin Brik, Chairman of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council, former governor of Hadramaut governorate, sent a message of congratulations to the governor of Hadramaut, commander of the second military region, Major General Faraj Salmin Al-Bohsni, and to all the people of Hadramaut at home and abroad on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the liberation of Mukalla and the coast of Hadramout.

In his message, Major General Ahmed Saeed bin Brik asserted that April 24 represents an important national stage in the history of Hadramout, after which the overwhelming victory of the Hadrami Elite Forces with the support of the Arab coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who stood with us in our just war against the elements Al-Qaeda who have been defeated and dragged out of from Mukalla and the coast of Hadramout.

Maj. Gen. Ben Brik pointed out that the sons of Hadhramaut recorded an active and strong presence in their heroic stances in this war, and they emerged victorious, lifting the status and rank of Hadramaut and raised the national flag high, in a battle that was a matter of surprise, admiration, and miracle that stunned the local, national, regional and international community with the results of this battle, by its preparation, organization, planning and speed of the implemenation in a very record time that was not estimated by al Qaeda, not even expected by brothers and friends.

Major General Ben Brik also praised and appreciated all the sons of Hadramaut who stood with the families in the capital Aden, with their relief and solidarity to face the repercussions of the effects of the floods and rains that hit the capital Aden and made it a disaster area, and to those who took good initiatives in sending convoys of relief and aid to their brothers the citizens of Aden and the south.

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