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Major General Bin Brik discusses with Acting President of Southern Teachers Syndicate in Hadramout ways to enhance union’s organizational work


Major General Ahmed Saeed Bin Brik, the Chairman of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council, discussed with the Acting President of the Southern Teachers Syndicate in Hadramout, Mr. Radi Awad Mufailih, a number of issues related to strengthening the union’s organizational work.

The meeting touched on the role of the political leadership in strengthening the capacities of the Southern Teachers Syndicate in Hadramout and upgrading its work and activity in the governorate, and the importance of union frameworks and their contribution to community development and how to preserve them in general, and their role in strengthening institutional building and enabling the rights of public sector employees of the stolen state and improving the living situation.

The meeting also discussed the role of the labor union in the unity of the southern community fabric and achieving its desired goals towards the will of the southern people to self-determination, and how to develop plans to activate the activity of trade union work educationally and for students, as well as assisting in the sustainable development of society and the nation.

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