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Major General Bin Brik meets with sheikhs and dignitaries of Hadak Yafea from Sabah district


Major General Ahmed Saeed Bin Brik, the Chairman of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council, met on Thursday in his office, a number of sheikhs, dignitaries and notables of Hadak Yafea from Sabah district.

The meeting discussed the latest developments on the southern arena, and the role of Hadak and Yafea tribes and personalities in maintaining the unity of the southern ranks, and achieving social peace and defending the homeland.

During the meeting, a number of issues related to service needs and coordination of efforts to counter all the failed attempts of the Houthi militias to advance towards the region were discussed.

In the meeting, Major General Bin Brik praised the role of Hadak tribes and the districts of Yafea and the great sacrifices they made alongside the southern armed forces and the resistance forces in the face of the Houthi militias, stressing that the leadership of the Transitional Council gives the sons of Hadak and Yafea most of its attention.

For their part, the attendees valued the efforts of President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, the President of the Transitional Council, Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces, and Major General Ahmed Saeed bin Brik, Chairman of the National Assembly, to serve the southern cause and restore the state and identity, stressing their support for all their political and diplomatic moves, and all the measures that took place to address the conspiracies targeting the capital, Aden, and the governorates of the South, with the aim of destabilizing security and stability there by all the forces that hate the south.

The meeting was attended by the leader of the Southern Resistance, Commander Abdel Nasser Al-Bawa’a “Abu Hammam”.

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