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“My Identity” Initiative team visits a number of historic mosques in Crater of Aden the capital

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My Identity” initiative team visited, on Thursday, a number of historical mosques in the city of Crater, as part of the weekly visit program organized by the initiative.

The team got acquainted on the violations the mosques were exposed to, including the total destruction of the Al-Khoja Mosque in the 2015 war, and Al-Hamid Mosque that was demolished and rebuilt again in a modern style. The history of these mosques dates back hundreds of years, and they have been distinguished monuments of Aden that must be preserved, but unfortunately they got destroyed .

The visit included the Al-Aidarous Mosque, which is considered the most prominent archeological historical mosque in the city of Aden, and its construction dates back to the year 890 AH. The team has noticed that the mosque has become surrounded by random construction that spread close to it in a way that impedes access to the mosque. The team also went to visit the Al-Asqalani Mosque, which dates back to about 600 years, which was demolished and rebuilt in 1369 AH.

According to the statistics of the Antiquities Office, there are about 12 historical mosques in Crater, but most of them have been destroyed, most notably the historical Aban Mosque which was destroyed and a construction of a new building different from the original was built carrying the same name.

The team made an appeal to the people of Aden and the south in general to the necessity of cooperation and have a sense of responsibility to preserve historical monuments and protect them from tampering and destruction, the initiative team also called on the authorities to do their duty properly in this regard.

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