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Officials in Aden the capital express concern about danger of Yemeni displacement in the South


Abdul Rahman Al-Turki, director of the executive unit for managing the camps for the displaced, confirmed that many do not need to be displaced, and others are a burden on the capital, Aden, in various fields of services.

Al-Turki explained in an interview on Aden independent channel, presented by the journalist Walid Bakdada.

Al-Turki stressed that the state is mainly concerned with paying attention to the displaced people who flock daily to the capital, Aden, while their absorptive capacity is limited, pointing out the importance of informing the executive unit of the liberated areas to which the displaced belong to return them.

In the context of his speech, Al-Turki put forth future plans related to displacement, planning the land and camps, integrating the displaced in specific areas, and documenting their identities.

Nasr Harhara, head of the National Center for Studies and Development, indicated to the Southern Mashhad Program broadcasted on AIC TV that in 2020 the number of Yemeni displaced people in the capital, Aden, reached 172,000, not to mention the Somali and African refugees.

He pointed to the remarkable phenomenon of the presence of displaced people who have the capabilities and abilities to purchase land and real estate, and have contributed greatly to the rise in housing rents in the capital, Aden.

The program showed the absurd manifestations of the displaced and the settlement in the vicinity of the fields of water wells that feed the areas of the capital, Aden, and the transformation of its surroundings into infested places, which threatens the lives of citizens in view of their remnants in the area and demanded that all authorities take action to stop the tampering of the displaced in their shelters.

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