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Powerful forces prevent ship of oil derivatives competing with Al-Eissy to enter Aden port

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Senior executives in the ports of Aden refused to allow entry of a large quantity of oil derivatives carried by the ship “Freight Marge”, which belongs to VAMPA Oil Services Company.

Competing merchants to Al-Eissy said that after their company ” VAMPA ” had completed all the official approvals by all the concerned authorities in the state, and paid the customs duties and the full state dues of approximately one billion nine hundred million riyals, they were surprised not to be allowed to enter the port for unloading.

The owners of ” VAMPA Oil Services” explained that some of the influential forces in the country prevented the ship from entering to unload its cargo in the oil port of Aden, for unknown reasons.

They said that preventing the entry of the ship contradicts all the presidential directions and government directives with binding official decisions, to prevent monopoly of oil derivatives that were taken by all these official authorities.

They demanded President Hadi to intervene to allow the entry of the ship and other ships that obtain official approvals and pay the royalties and fees due on them, demanding that matters to be resolved quickly so that the issue does not develop except for other possibilities that may be dangerous for the sensitive situation in Aden.

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