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Presidency of Southern Transitional Council discusses military developments in Abyan Governorate

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The Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held on Wednesday, its second periodic meeting for this week, headed by Dr. Nasser Al-Khobaji, Acting President of the Council.

In the meeting, the Presidency discussed developments of the political and security situation in the South, and in particular the attacks carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood militia against the security belt forces in Abyan governorate, following the terrorist attacks that targeted a number of individuals during the past period, and the attempts to control military sites, with the aim of controlling Ahwar district and reaching the coastal line, to secure support for terrorist elements from abroad, and to turn the region into an active hub for terrorism and terrorists.

The Presidency condemned the practices of violating the calm and the ceasefire and the determinants of the Riyadh Agreement, calling on the leadership of the Arab Coalition to quickly stop these violations and attacks targeting southern forces to impose a new reality on the ground that does not serve stability in the region, or improving the conditions of citizens, otherwise it multiplies their suffering.

The Presidency warned the other party of the consequences of the escalation, which is a violation of the provisions of the Riyadh Agreement, stressing that the Council will not stand idly by regarding this escalation, which will make all options open to the southern armed forces everywhere to protect its units and its members, calling at the same time all southern military and security units to raise the level of alertness and combat readiness in order to confront everything that threatens our people and to deter any acts of aggression.

The Presidency also warned of the suspicious activities and movements carried out by the illegal Brotherhood formations in coordination with the Houthi militias at the level of the border fronts, stressing that the southern armed forces will stand on the lookout for any attempts to penetrate their sites and fortifications, as well as any attempts to smuggle weapons and people across the border and land coasts and transport weapons will be sent to the land of the South, with the intention of confusing the security situation, and disturbing the public tranquility, and detonating the situation internally, with the support of cells of terrorist gangs supported by some of the parties in the authority with external funding.

The Presidency confirmed that these open actions, practices and adventures have not and will not undermine the determination of the South and the will of the Southerners, and will fail, in turn, with the support of the Arab coalition countries led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and the international parties concerned with combating terrorism in the region.

On the level of political and foreign diplomatic action, the Presidency highly valued the meetings held by President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, the President of the Council, and his Special Representative for Foreign Affairs with the ambassadors of great countries and international bodies to discuss developments, and to develop joint relations and enhance the presence of the South in the desired settlement process in a way that preserves its right to independent representation to restore the fully sovereign state.

Regarding Ramadan, the Presidency stressed the importance of enhancing the role and work of the central and local council bodies among the community through Ramadan forums and evenings in parallel with the arrangements necessary to celebrate the anniversary of the historic Aden Declaration on the fourth of next May, and the anniversary of the establishment of the Southern Transitional Council on the eleventh of the same month As well as following up on the developments of the Corona pandemic and taking the necessary actions in this regard, in coordination with the competent authorities.

In the organizational framework, the Presidency discussed the reports submitted by the General Secretariat, the National Assembly, and the Center for Support and Decision-Making, praising all the activities and events that were carried out during the last month of March, and approved a number of scenarios for the development of work in the future.

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