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Presidency of Southern Transitional Council holds its periodic meeting chaired by President Al-Zubaidi

SMA News – Aden the capital

The Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held on Thursday, its periodic meeting, chaired by President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, the President of the Council.

In the meeting, the Presidency of the Council reviewed and evaluated the decisions of its meeting No. (29), and the most important achievements of that meeting, as well as the difficulties it faced, in addition to the main issues on its agenda.

The meeting, which was attended by the ministers of the Transitional Council in the government, discussed the efforts to confront the crisis of frequent electrical power outages in the capital, Aden, and efforts to raise the generation capacity of existing power stations.

In this regard, the Presidency praised the tremendous efforts made by the Governor of the capital, Aden, the Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, and the leadership of the Electricity Corporation in the capital, to alleviate the deteriorating situation of the electrical power, which is a great concern among citizens.

The Presidency highly valued the steps of Governor Lamlas, which would rescue the capital, Aden, from its miserable situation, the latest of which was signing on an agreement between the local authority in the capital, represented by the governor, and the “Baseum” company represented by its general manager, Mr. Vinod Menon, to lease additional electrical power, including leasing 100 megawatts as additional new electrical power for the power stations in the capital to meet the generational power deficit.

The Presidency also praised the governor’s steps aimed at improving service situation by approving a package of emergency projects.

Moreover, the Presidency stressed the importance of delivering water to all districts of the capital, Aden, and the need to address the frequent water supply outages in some neighborhoods and regions, as well as the delivery of water to the capital from the governorates of (Lahij and Abyan), based on binding agreements and understandings in this regard, which were reached to it with the Ministry of Water and its local institutions in (Lahij and Abyan).

On the political issue, the Presidency affirmed the Southern Transitional Council’s adherence to the Riyadh Agreement, and the need to complete the implementation of all remaining provisions without any selectivity, in addition to the importance of taking into account the priorities that require the return of the government to the capital, to carry out its tasks in alleviating the crisis that the citizens experienced to, and to meet their needs, and improve the deteriorating situation in all aspects.

The Presidency of the Council also commended the great efforts of the Arab coalition countries led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to confront risks and challenges, and to resume discussions on implementing the Riyadh Agreement, and their endeavors to establish peace, as well as support the economy, services and development.

In a related context, the Presidency of the Council stood before the report of the Crisis Management Committee, and the international diplomatic and political movement seeking to stop the war and resume the political process, appreciating all those steps that would bring peace to the country.

The Presidency warned that some parties will deliberately ignore the main and pivotal issues that should be at the forefront of their attention, foremost of which is the issue of the people of the south and their mandated and legitimate  representative represented by the Southern Transitional Council.

The Presidency affirmed that despite the Council’s full support for all efforts aimed at stopping the war and addressing crises in the South and Yemen, it will not allow the passage of any political projects that detract from, or exceed the reality of the aspirations of the southern people and their national cause represented in restoring the full sovereignty state of the South on the borders prior to May 21, 1990.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Presidency reviewed what was achieved regarding the preparations for the fourth session of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council, which is scheduled to be held during the period from 16-17 of current June, in addition to discussing a number of organizational issues related to the work of the various council bodies.

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