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Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council Holds an Extraordinary Meeting and Discusses Recent Events in the South

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[su_dropcap]P[/su_dropcap]residency of the Southern Transitional Council held an extraordinary meeting headed by General Ahmed Said Ben Brik, chairman of the Southern National Assembly, on Saturday January 12th, 2019. The meeting discussed recent events in the south including the terrorist attack of Al-Anad base that led to several causalities. The meeting expressed full solidarity with members of Southern Armed Forces who are building up the southern national army and work on securing the past and present of the south. The meeting also expressed deep condolences with families of martyrs and hopes for quick heeling for the injured. In addition, the meeting indicated that such act is a continuation for targeting southern cadres regardless their political intentions. Furthermore, the meeting condemned the attack of Ali Awad Al-Hazala, member of the southern transitional council in Al-Mahfed and expressed deep condolences to his family. The meeting renewed the council’s call for all southern powers to overcome all political differences and unite and lineup the whole south.
Concerning the security aspect, the meeting discussed security breaches in several southern areas including the fire of Aden Refinery that could lead to a disaster in Aden through destroying one of the major economic centers in the south that vicious powers, under cover of the legitimacy, are trying to destroy to deny the south any chance for stable economy so that they can control the south again.
The meeting also discussed security breaches in all southern governorates that try to push southern armed forces into subsidiary conflicts that only serve enemies of the south including the clash in Sheikh Othman among presidential guards’ brigades as such event only try to divide the brotherhood of arms among soldiers.
The meeting demanded all military units of the southern armed forces to elevate alertness and not to be pushed into these conflicts in addition to avoiding any unjustified clashes among each other to avoid the vicious plans of the enemies. The meeting also demanded all units to practice self-control and establish a unified operation room to direct and monitor field work for all units.
The meeting also discussed preparations for celebrating the Tolerance and Reconciliation memory and asserted that the council believes in national reconciliation as a means for southern lineup and overcoming all past differences among all political components as this is the only way to serve southern interests and restore the free southern state for all southern citizens.

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