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Presidency of the Transitional Council calls on southern officers in Shokra to reject calls of throwing them to death 

SMA NEWS – Aden The Capital

The Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held its periodic meeting on Sunday, chaired by Mr. Fadl Mohammad Al-Jaadi, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Council.

The meeting coincided with the fifth anniversary of the martyrdom of Major General Jaafar Mohammad Saad, the former governor of the capital Aden.

The Presidency in its meeting called on southern officers and individuals in Shokra to reject the calls of leaders of the terrorist Brotherhood in Turkey’s hotels and their agents to throw them with their militia into dearth.

The Presidency addressed the southern officers and individuals that their continued participation in this war would harm them more than others, and only those terrorist leaders, who will get their lives lost, would benefit from it in an attempt to rule the south as an alternative homeland for theirs, which they handed over to the Houthi militia.

The Presidency expressed its appreciation for the sacrifices made by our heroes to defend the freedom and dignity of the south on various fronts, foremost of which are the fronts of Shokra and Al Dhale’e in the face of the Houthi Brotherhood’s dream of submitting the south to the Yemeni occupation again.

In its meeting, the Presidency stood in front of the terrorist forces ’plans to direct elements to disturb security and stability by pushing them to carry out assassinations of leaders and political, military and academic cadres, and to fabricate crises, in this regard, the Presidency stressed the need to raise the security vigilance of all military and security units, to coordinate and integrate their work and to use all available means to thwart those plots, and to control their tools and hand them over to justice.

The Presidency also stood before the results of the activities carried out by the council to celebrate the 53rd anniversary of the National Independence Day, in which the Presidency of the Transitional Council saluted the local bodies and leaders in the governorates, and the great popular interaction for the success of the activities in the various southern governorates.

The meeting highly appreciated the efforts made by the departments of youth and students, and the sports associations and clubs in Aden the capital, and the governorates of Hadramout, the coast and the valley, warning at the same time of the dangers of some troubled personalities’ attempts to use the sports activities of clubs and federations to blackmail and threaten the sporting movement in general and those personalities will bear his responsibility.

The meeting discussed the analytical report submitted by the Council’s Decision Making and Support Center for the month of November, which was read by Dr. Fadl Ali Hussein, a member of the center.

In addition to that, the Presidency discussed a report on the participation of Dr. Soheir Ali Ahmed; the member of the Presidency of the Council, in an international symposium on peace, as well as the reports of the activities of the General Secretariat and the National Assembly.

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