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President Al-Zubaidi commends efforts of the medical teams concerned with treating wounded

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The President of the Southern Transitional Council, President Aidaroos Qasim Al-Zubaidi, met on Friday with doctors concerned with treating the wounded in public and private hospitals in the capital Aden. The meeting discussed the issues facing health sector, and how to be overcome, and ways to develop the services needed to treat the wounded.
President Al-Zubaidi praised efforts made by doctors and medical teams in treating war-wounded and citizens in Aden the capital, and the southern governorates, and the great humanitarian services they provide despite the difficult circumstances, stressing on the importance of paying war-wounded and other patients the highest attention of care. President Al-Zubaidi called for the establishment of a specialized medical workshop to discuss all issues and difficulties facing the health sector and come up with a future vision for the development of this sector, stressing that the Southern Transitional Council is making great efforts in coordination with the agencies and organizations to support with the required needs necessary for the health sector.
For his part, the delegate of the Saudi Crown Prince, Head of the Saudi Medical Committee, Mohammed bin Talib, presented detailed explanation of the coalition mandate plan to treat the wounded at home and abroad, indicating the directives of Deputy Minister of Defense Prince Khalid bin Salman in this regard. President Al-Zubaidi also listened to clarifications on status of medical services and the level of care provided to the wounded in various medical facilities, and difficulties and obstacles facing the progress of the doctors tasks, as well as the needs of hospitals and health facilities for medical services in the capital, Aden and other governorates.
The doctors called on the Arab Coalition and the government to provide the necessary requirements for treating the wounded by establishing specialized emergency centers, physiotherapy centers, and prosthetic centers and equipping them with the necessary equipment and means. The doctors expressed their appreciation for the rapid response shown by leadership of Southern Transitional Council to work to develop medical conditions and to improve treatment of wounded, stressing that they will do their utmost to ensure wounded, injured, and sick receive health care and due attention, despite conditions and constraints experienced by most health facilities and their medical staff.

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