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President Al-Zubaidi delivers speech to southern people at home and abroad on occasion of holy month of Ramadan

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The President of the Southern Transitional Council, President Aidaroos Qassem Al-Zubaidi, delivered an important speech to the citizens of our great southern people, at home and abroad, and to the Arab and Islamic nations, on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan.

President Al-Zubaidi said:” It is a pleasure for me to extend my warmest and sincere congratulations to you and the citizens of our Arab and Islamic nation on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the month of goodness and blessing, and I ask Allah that Ramadan this year come to our people and to all Arab and Islamic peoples, with more goodness, blessing and peace, and to make it a month of mercy, forgiveness, release from fire of hell, and to return it to us all with goodness and happiness.”

President Al-Zubaidi added:” Our great people, we live with you, moment by moment, with the reality of suffering and pain, through which the forces of corruption and hegemony try to bring our people to their knees, to break their free will through the war of services, and destroy the foundations of life, and to disrupt the state’s service institutions such as the electricity sector, and prevent the payment of salaries of state employees, and the intentional rise in the prices of basic commodities. In view of this, we affirm that this war, for which its consequences paid by the child, elder, and the woman, it is a careless war, unworthy of a Muslim, and that we are keen to bring peace and extend our hands to the other, but our patience will not be prolonged to tampering with the lives of our people and their torture, by forces and groups who think that by making our people starving and turning their lives into hell, they can bring them to their knees and impose half-solutions on them.”

President Al-Zubaidi stressed:” We take this opportunity to congratulate you as you continue to mark this great painting of heroism and sacrifice, in defense of your land, your homeland, and the dignity of your people, it’s the best example of the greatness of this people and the solidity of their return, and therefore the victories were the title of the march of your struggle, and, Allah willing, it will culminate in the great victory in the restoration and building of the independent federal state of the South, with its capital Aden.”

President Al-Zubaidi continued:” based on the responsibility that is placed by our people on our shoulders, we were keen to be advocates of good and peace, so we extended our hands to the brothers in the Yemeni legitimacy and with the care of the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, out of concern for peace and bloodshed, and a desire to reach a just solution to the cause of our people, respecting their right to life in determining their political fate and restoring their state, but it became clear today that there are those who still hijack people’s decisions and those who do not desire peace and seek war, violence and destruction.”

President Al-Zubaidi said:” The operations of the military build-up on various fronts with the south, the mobilization of terrorist groups and the intensification in the war of services, are impulsive actions that do not express the behavior of a state that should have directed its efforts in this holy month to serve its citizens, instead of gathering weapons to kill them, and to provide them with relief convoys from the pandemic, Corona, instead of cutting electricity and pensions for them, facing with this, we call on the brothers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the sponsors of the Riyadh Agreement and the leadership of the Arab coalition, to put an end to these frivolous actions that have taken from our people an enemy that fights and kills them with all forms of wars and weapons, and left the Houthi militias in a state of peace, if we do not say that there are forces in legitimacy who provide these militias with the means to stay.”

President Al-Zubaidi added:” This very complex phase that our people is going through requires all of us to stand together, cohesion and compassion, and to support each other together, for the plots are great, and their aim is to tear apart our southern flesh, and to use our wealth and capabilities, to strike our basic cause, which requires all of us to be careful, vigilant and miss the opportunity for the stalkers, and thwarting their plans today, as they were previously thwarted. In this context, we direct the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council, its executive bodies and bases in the governorates, districts and centers, to join forces with the people, and to harness their capabilities and competences financially and humanly, in the service of society, especially in the face of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic … We also call on the local authorities in all southern governorates to pay attention to services and investing resources properly, and fighting corruption and cutting it off.”

President Al-Zubaidi concluded his speech by saying:” As we receive this holy month, the month of mercy, forgiveness and release from punishment in hell, we should not miss to pray for the heroic martyrs, who rose in defense of our homeland, and that we ask Allah for them to get mercy and forgiveness, and to dwell them in the highest paradise of heaven with the prophets, the righteous, the martyrs and the righteous, and for the wounded to be healed, and for the heroes to be steady and support them against the enemies of our people, and their freedom and dignity. We renew our congratulations to you on the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, and we ask Allah Almighty to return this month, and our people have fulfilled all their aspirations for the restoration and building of their independent federal and proud state, a state of pride, dignity, freedom, justice and equality.”

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