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President Al-Zubaidi meets the commander of Backup and Support Brigades of Al-Dhalea

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The President of the Southern Transitional Council, Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces, President Aidaroos Qasim Al-Zubaidi, received, at his office in the capital, Aden, on Saturday, the commander of Back-up and Support Brigades in Al-Dhalea governorate, Brigadier General Mothanna Nasser “Abu Omar”.
President Al-Zubaidi listened to brief on the developments of military situation on the fronts of fighting against Houthi militias in the north of Al-Dhalea, and the tasks to maintain security and stability.
President Al-Zubaidi stressed on the importance of enhancing the coordination with the various security and military units to strengthen the state of security and stability.
President Al-Zubaidi stressed that the next stage will witness special support by the Arab Coalition to confront and defeat the Houthi militias, according to what was included in the Riyadh Agreement.
For his part, Commander Abu Omar expressed his appreciation for the keenness and follow-up of President Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi on the readiness and capabilities of the support and backup forces, affirming the readiness of the forces to maintain security and stability of Al-Dhalea governorate and protect the borders.

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