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Public Demonstrations Against Yemeni Parliament Sessions in Saioun

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[su_dropcap]A[/su_dropcap]mid heavy security measures by the second military zone troops to oppress crowds coming from all over Hadhramaut valley and coast, a public demonstration marched the streets of Saioun on Saturday afternoon starting from Al-Suhail eastern gate to Saioun palace. The demonstration defied all threats as crowds of of southern activists, southern syndicates and NGOs denounced holding the sessions of Yemeni parliament on southern lands, demonstrators indicated that the expired parliament didn’t meet southern expectations, especially in Hadhramaut. They indicated that this plan is not concerned with the south as it represents another failure of Muslim Brotherhood so-called legitimacy government. Demonstrators asserted their persistence in escalating against corruption and oppressive measures of the government in addition to pursuing the restoration of the southern state.

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