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Security belt and 9th Thunderbolt Brigade push reinforcements to secure Al-Sabiha coastline

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Security belt forces in Al-Sabiha areas, with the support of the 9th Thunderbolt Brigade, arrived in the Bab al-andab and Al-Suqya area in the coastal line located in the Sabiha areas.

The forces affiliated with the Transitional Council raised the southern flag in the southern border of the north and south, in preparation for extending their deployment to all areas of the coast.

This step comes after the deployment of joint forces established by the governor of Lahj, who are loyal to the legitimate government, under the pretext of combating smuggling and fighting against Corona, and Brigadier Hamdi Shukri has been assigned of leading the task.

The leadership of the Security Belt in Sabiha and the leadership of the 9th Thunderbolt Brigade rejected the idea of ​​establishing mixed forces, since securing the coastline is one of the tasks of the joint forces, as are other regions.

At the head of the forces that arrived in the coastal areas of Al-Sabiha was Commander Mahmoud Al-Aghbari, the Major Staff of the 9th Thunderbolt Brigade.

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