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Security checkpoint in Abyan seizes bus with seals of state institutions coming from Marib and heading to #Taiz

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Checkpoint of the security belt at Hassan’s triangle seized on a bus coming from Marib and heading to Taiz with seals of state institutions.

The Security checkpoint of Hassan’s Triangle in the governorate of Abyan, led by Sami Al-Hutari, said that around 8:00 am on Tuesday, a white color bus with Aden temporary plate No. was seized on its way from Marib governorate to Taiz governorate, and on that bus passengers and some packages were sent from Salim office in Marib governorate to Salim office in Taiz governorate.

While checking the bus by the checkpoint personnel, it was found among the packages sent to Taiz seals and seals drawings for many facilities of state institutions, including the military and civil establishment.

The checkpoint of Hassan’s triangle confirmed, as these seals are used illegally, and during the investigation with the driver, it became clear that he did not know what was inside the bags and that he was working as a driver for the safety office in Marib governorate.

Note that the bus belongs to the Office of Safety in Marib governorate, and the investigation is still ongoing.

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