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SMA Organization for Development and Guidance Discusses Future Plans of Work in a Consultative Meeting

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[su_dropcap]S[/su_dropcap]MA Organization for Development and Guidance held a consultative meeting in its headquarters at Al-Mualla – Aden to discuss future plans of work. Abd Al-Salam Ben Saadin, executive director of SMA Organization, headed the meeting where attendants discussed ideas and suggestions for the upcoming anti-drugs campaign and ways of coordinating work among members.
The meeting also discussed problems facing field work of the organization including a work mechanism developed by director of the organization, principles of field work and coordinating communication with public figures through establishing accurate appointments with them through department of public relations. It was agreed that department of public relations and organizational department should cooperate in fixing appointments and providing all necessities for the meetings including records, plans and suggestions.
The meeting provided suggestions for the start of the anti-drugs campaign in Aden, communication with concerned bodies, including NGOs and security systems, to gain financial and spiritual support for the campaign as this will help achieving the campaign’s goals and raising citizens awareness against such weird phenomena in addition to establishing the organization as an active worker in the society. The meeting also reached several suggestion’s concerning future work.
Fatma Al-Akel, head of public relations department, Ali Al-Asadi, head of organizations affairs department, Adham Al-Ghazali, head of organizational department, Zubaid Abdu, deputy of organizational affairs department, Mazen Al-Jilani, head of technical department, Donia Farhan, deputy of media department, Dalal Al-Obaidi, head of security department, and other members attended the meeting.

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