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Southern Giants’ Brigades Control Rods Linking Sanaa and Al-Hodeida and cause Al-Houthis Severe Loses

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Southern giants’ brigades, under commandership of Abu Zaraa Al-Mahrami, commander general of the west coast front, with backup of UAE Armed Forces working as part of the Arab Coalition, controlled the road linking Sanaa and Al-Hodeida that is considered the last resort of Al-Houthis for military reinforcements and smuggling Iranian weapons.

Troops controlled kilometer 7 and moved ahead to kilometer 10, enforcing its military control over this major road. Troops also engaged in fierce clashes with Al-Houthis causing them severe loses in souls and equipment.

A military source indicated that Al-Houthis lost more than 60 killings, including high-rank military commanders, while tens were injured and southern giants looted various weapons of Al-Houthis.

Putting this area under control of southern giants’ brigades denies Al-Houthis the privilege of reinforcements to Al-Hodeida from Sanaa. This signals the beginning of Al-Houthis’ end.

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