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Southern Transitional Council issues important statement about continuing targeting members of Shabwani Elite


Southern Transitional Council condemned the treacherous targeting of the soldier in the Shabwani Elite, Zakaria Al-Aqil Baowda, in the city of Jool Al-Raida in Mayfa’a district, on Thursday.

In a statement by Mr. Ali Abdullah Al-Kathiri, member of the Council Presidency, official spokesman of the Council, the Council expressed its condemnation of the acts of repression, abuse, and terrorism practiced by the Brotherhood authority in Shabwa governorate against the people of the province, especially the members of the Shabwani Elite Forces.

Hereunder is the statement:

Important Statement:

The Southern Transitional Council strongly condemns and denounces the acts of repression, abuse, and terrorism practiced by the Muslim Brotherhood authority in Shabwa governorate against the people of the province, especially against the members of the Shabwani Elite Forces, the latest of which is the recent targeting of the hero soldier Zakaria Al-Aqil, one of the elite’s members, in revenge for its heroic role in combating terrorism in the governorate before it fell in the hands of the invading Brotherhood militia.

At a time when the Council, and with it our southern people and the moderate political forces, hoped that the procedures for implementing the Riyadh Agreement, including the military aspect, would proceed smoothly, the Brotherhood insists on obstructing the implementation of these commitments, and at the forefront of that is the obstruction of the return and deployment of the Shabwani Elite Forces in the governorate, and we noted with great regret the increasing of killings, repression, terror, arrests and stalking that targeting elite forces heroes without justification other than revenge for the role of these heroes in purifying their province of terrorism, and acts of banditry and warfare.

While the Southern Transitional Council condemns these terrorist acts that are inconsistent with the provisions and spirit of the Riyadh Agreement and with all laws and canons, it affirms the necessity of implementing the agreement’s obligations and creating appropriate conditions for its implementation by work, including stopping all repressive acts targeting members of the elite forces and preparing for their return and deployment in their specified locations to avoid scenarios that do not serve the purpose of making the agreement.

In this context, the Council calls on the brothers in the leadership of the Arab Coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the sponsor of the Riyadh Agreement, to condemn these acts that are out of law, customs and values, and are in conflict with the text and spirit of the Agreement, and to oblige these militias outside the agreement to implement what they owe as a prerequisite to proceed with the implementation of the remaining provisions of the agreement.

While the council salutes the heroics, fortitude and sacrifices of the Shabwani Elite Forces, it affirms that it will not give up its patriotic duty towards it and will not stand idly by in front of the continuing series of targeting this southern national strike force, that history preserves for it an honorable record of championships and achievements

Ali Abdullah Al-Kathiri

Official Spokesman for the Southern Transitional Council

Member of the Presidency

Aden the Capital,

January 21, 2021

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