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Southern Writers and Authors Union in Shabwa Congratulates its Counterpart in Lahj for the Foundational Conference

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[su_dropcap]I[/su_dropcap]n a telegram sent by Dr. Nasser Al-Aishi, chairman of Southern Writers and Authors Union in Shabwa, Shabwa union congratulated writers and authors in Lahj for founding their branch of the union and appreciated this distinguished achievement based on harmony and coherence for sharing responsibilities considering this as a clear evidence of Lahj authors to foster and support noble values in their creative works.
Intellectual torches that Al-Houthi / Affash regimen tried to put off and eliminate its effect on upcoming generations will flame again with revolution. Creative literary works of the Southern Writers Union will foster our southern identity and maintains the second national independence that will be the base for building the state of freedom, justice and equity. A state that will be free of tribal, theocratic and military oppression. This will clearly identify the right path for the southern revolution.
Glory to Martyrs. Quick Healing for the injured and Freedom to captives
Chairman of Southern Writers and Authors Union in Shabwa
Dr. Nasser Al-Aishi

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