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Speech of President Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi at the Opening Ceremony of the Second Round of the Southern National Assembly – Al-Makla

[su_label type=”info”]SMA News – Al-Makla – Exclusive[/su_label][su_spacer size=”10″] [su_dropcap]P[/su_dropcap]resident Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi, president of the Southern Transitional Council, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the second round of the Southern Natioonal Assembly, held in Al-Makla – Hadhramaut. The following is an English translation of the speech:
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful
And peace be upon his honest and true messenger, Prophet Mohamed Ibn Abdullah, and his followers and successors.
Dear Mr. Chairman of the Southern National Assembly
Dear Mr. Chairman of local leadership of Hadhramaut
Brothers and sister, members of the Southern National Assembly, representatives of the glorious Southern People and their great expectations
Peace be upon you all
Here we meet again in this precious spot of the south. Here we meet in Hadhramaut, the land of peace, friendliness, tolerance, science and economy. The land of struggle, patience and sacrifice. The land of glory, history and civilization.
Hail to Hadhramaut, hail to the south and hail to our glorious southern people and their representatives. Peace be upon the soles of martyrs who sacrificed their lives so that we can live and here we are on their path, walking towards their dream that we will never abandon as we will never abandon our legitimate rights for which they died.
Respectful Members of the Southern National Assembly:
Today, you are holding the second round of the southern national assembly. We are all responsible for maintaining a suitable degree of representing the will of the southern people as we lived more critical moments when we established this legislative body that is a glory for every southern.
One year after the founding round, here we meet again. As we congratulate you for the successes you achieved through your professional organizational work during the past period, we should indicate that the upcoming period requires more focus of performance to establish the pillars of democratic and organizational transparent work. Our approach is to establish national organizations that work accurately, correctly and transparently.
You are representing the struggle and sacrifices of the glorious southern people. You are representing a history of struggle, patience, hopes and expectations. A history of seeking freedom and partnership. We all succeeded to take a step that we should preserve while we advance forward at the same pattern. I hope that God guides you all to assume your national responsibilities as we all trust you.
Keep expressing the will of this people. Keep drawing a safe map to this people’s future as this people deserves more. This land, with its mountains, sands, skies and seas, was part of our struggle. And we are determined to restore our southern homeland from its highjacks. We will go forward according to the principles of our cause and expectations of our people.
Dear Attendants:
Hadhramaut suffered a lot from terrorism, just like Aden, Abian, Lahj, Shabwa and every other part in the south. We suffered from political terrorism and extremism. We suffered from extremist thinking that was created to kill our voices and break up our will. But we fought it with all our strength. We succeeded in facing it and here we are gathering in Al-Makla that was once delivered to Al-Qaeda and Islamic State. but, thank God, they were expelled out of it by cooperation of all southern.
As a result of terrorism, we lost many of our significant southern cadres. But we will never forget our heroes of Hadhramaut who were assassinated in mean terrorist attacks. Terrorism is still threatening the valley of Hadhramaut that will come back to us sooner or later, just as Al-Makla and the coast did. Hadhramauti should restore their territories and secure them as they know it well. Terrorism will never nest here, no matter the costs are. Hadhramauti will sacrifice again for this land as it worth sacrifices.
Terrorism is an extreme danger and creating terrorism is even more dangerous. We demand the Arab Coalition to interfere urgently and help us end it just as they did in Hadhramaut coast and other parts. Experience proved that sons of this land are the only force capable of securing this land and defending it. It is illogical that Hadhramaut is to be guarded by strangers who should return to their home lands and fight Al-Houthis there. This is more logical than remaining in the south. And everyone should know that we will never abandon our lands.
Dear Brothers and Sisters:
The southern proved that they are peace makers. They proved it through patience with files that require urgent moves. But every time we say that the voice of reason is our option and our political horizon is open wide to many things. But the humanitarian and services file can bear no more patience.
The humanitarian situation in many areas is below average, especially in Hadhramaut valley. This is due to a conspiracy against Hadhramaut valley in addition to Al-Okla and Bihan in Shabwa. This multi-façade conspiracy aims to abuse the humanitarian and services file in these areas and this is what we will never allow. Mobilizing military forces to these areas will never hinder us nor it will provide a solution. Our people achieved victory and what was left is minimal.
We monitor with deep concern these hard conditions in some part of our lands, caused by our enemies’ fierce tries to change our realty and serve their interests. This is their plan since two decades. But they forgot that we are capable to face their plans and pass safely to a future we drew with our voices, pens, guns and blood. Our martyrs are still living among us. Here is Saad Ben Grish, Al-Amery, Ba Wazir, Al-Oaithani, Ba Rasheed and many more. Tens of martyrs who sacrificed their lives so that the voice of Hadhramaut is to be heard.
Now, it is time for Hadhramaut to enjoy autonomy under the upcoming federal southern state. Hadhramaut should be run and managed by its own sons who are capable to recover their lands. Hadhramaut should benefit from its fortunes and its citizens should be empowered to run it.
Representatives of the People:
Our country is under critical and complex political, security and economic conditions that challenge us all. We should be ready for it. Our political right requires organizational, political, economic, military, security and social conditioning. And this is what we do now.
Threats are still there, and Al-Houthi aggression continues representing a major threat that we will fight as another type of terrorism. Recently we lost several military commanders due to this aggression. Mohamed Saleh Tammah and Saleh Kaed Al-Zendani are great loses of this rightful cause. Targeting southern competencies is a pattern used by our enemies since 1990s.
Economic conditions are evident to all of us. We will continue facing the governmental corruption and systematic torture of the people. These tries will do nothing and will never force us to accept a political destination against our will. This is our role and we will do it under all conditions.
The Arab Coalition did a lot in all fields and we should thank them. they helped us facing Al-Houthis. They fought with us against Al-Qaeda and Islamic State. they play major roles in planning, supervision and backup. They played a major role in the humanitarian, economic and services files. In turn, we keep our strategic partnership with the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and UAE as we are partners of blood and destiny.
The Arab Coalition exerted all efforts to defeat Al-Houthis and liberate the north in addition to treating many files. But the legitimacy was not a true and trustworthy partner of the coalition. Conflict of interests among controlling political parties contradicted with the goals of the Arab Coalition. Riyadh’s goals can never be accepted by representatives of Tehran, Istanbul and Doha. Muslim Brotherhood and their political arm of the Reform Party don’t care for defeating Al-Houthis as their ight is over Aden, oil fields in Bihan, Al-Okla and Hadhramaut valley and Al-Wadia terminal. The Arab Coalition knows that well now.
Therefore, we renew our support for the Arab Coalition in their fight against Al-Houthi militias till all goals of Storm of Determination and Hope Restoration are fulfilled.
Our Glorious Southern People:
We worked with all our capabilities to expand our foreign relations through our offices abroad. We managed to communicate with all active international bodies and decision-making circles in major countries in relation to the crisis file in our country. We can say that we have a lot more that will be seen during the next few weeks as we will have an international attendance suitable for our cause and our political future.
We are committed to dialogue, peace and southern unity in addition to tolerance and reconciliation as a safe path to the future of our people and our cause. Our hands are reached to all southern who believe in restoring southern rights and creating a free future in a state where citizens enjoy peace and respect.
We are addressing the international society, UN and UN special envoy, Mr. Martin Griffith. We demand them to seriously look at the southern reality. Southern people have a cause and a political will behind which there is a long history and established geography. Overcoming these facts will never bring peace. Instead, it will bring more war and chaos. The southern people will never accept overcoming their cause.
Our Heroes of Elites Troops:
Hail to you and your significant role in liberating Hadhramaut coast from terrorism. Hail to your patience and courage. You are our ideal and source of national pride as you assume your major responsibility in protecting your lands and your people. We will be with you till you are deployed all over your territories inclusively.
Today, you are fighting another significant battel as fighting terrorism and restoring security are of major importance. Another glorious mission for which you are sacrificing your lives under your wise military commandership till you achieve victory.
Our Courageous Southern Women:
We are doing our best to be in your right place as pillars and sole of this society. You were excluded from the scene for long decades. But now, you should be in your right place where you become leading participants in all national sectors, public and private. Your dreams should come true as you are half of the society and this should be actualized. You deserve peace, security and prosperity.
Our Youth:
You have the key to the future. We don’t want you to taste the same bitter cup we had to taste. You are major capabilities of work and effort. We see victory and security in your faces. We want you to work, rise and shine in the skies of your country. This is your land and this is your state. So, defend it and defend your future and families. Be the symbol of success, challenge and achievement.
Representatives of the People:
We took the auth of men to men. This nation is entrusted to us. Therefore, assume your responsibility as representatives of this people
Thank you all. Wishing you success. Peace be upon you.

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