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Speech of President Aidarous Kassem Al-Zubaidi in the 13th Anniversary of Southern Tolerance and Reconciliation

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[su_dropcap]I[/su_dropcap]n the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful ad Most Gracious
Thanks to Allah who said in the Holly Quran “And Those Who Are Patient and Forgiving, this is a great Deed”. And peace be upon his prophet and messenger whom he sent to save the nation from fanatic tribalism and get them to the tolerance of Islam.
Our glorious southern people inside and outside the south
Peace be upon you
On this day, more than a decade ago, the southern started a new stage of their revolution and struggle under the title of tolerance and reconciliation. Its core was the unity of the southern line that the enemies failed to break its dignity and demolish its pillars in all stages of conflict and all turns of the successive crises. This glorious patriotic memory is the source of our pride with the wisdom of revolution and will of revolutionaries.
That day, the southern overcame their pain and turned it into a national day and a project that turned to be a base for our struggle that we all followed and stuck to. We will preserve this project as the southern never abandon each other under any circumstances. Let everyone realize well that the south is for all southern without exclusions. This country is for all its citizens.
Tolerance and reconciliation are an experience of peace and victory for this country and its rightful cause. It should be a principle for this generation and upcoming ones.
Dear Sons and Daughters of the South
Our belief in tolerance and reconciliation doesn’t stem only from our belief in noble humanitarian values of holly ethics but also as a national necessity without which the goals of our cause can not be achieved as we believe in this country and this people and we realize that our strength is in the solidarity of this people’s sons.
A good example is 2015 war. We have never been defeated when we were together. We will never be defeated and we will never allow any of the minor nor trivial projects to divide us or lead us to conflicts. We are one southern people.
Dear free sons and daughters of the south
Today, we assert to our youth that the south is stronger than such projects as they will protect the south from any danger. Our hope in them is great. But this can not be achieved unless they foster the values of forgiveness, tolerance and reconciliations, by words and acts.
Our glorious southern people
The southern tolerance and reconciliation project represent an important stage of our struggle. This noble project created the spirit and energy of our peaceful revolution and enabled this revolution to keep its path. Citizens approached each other and worked side by side till we reached an advanced stage that prepared our people for a new political situation since 2015.
Today, we should be ready for the upcoming stage and the new situation. We should stick to our national project as tolerance and reconciliation is the only guarantee for our safe advance towards our goals.
We said before that our internal front is cause that the whole world is monitoring carefully. It is considered as a standard for most international decisions. Therefore, our enemies tried to push us towards conflicts. And therefore, we renew our call for everyone to foster the southern lineup and establish its pillars through practical application of tolerance and reconciliation values.
Our glorious people
The duty for all, individuals and organizations as well, is to personify the values of tolerance and reconciliation through revising the situations and contributing in reforming and improving social behavior. Social relations should be fostered and new communication means should be established through national ideas and specialized projects, to create an integrated society free of negative affects of resilience, helplessness and ignorance. We should all realize that tolerance and reconciliation are our basic pillars for restoring our independent southern state.

Peace Be Upon You All

Aidarous Kassem Abd Al-Aziz Al-Zubaidi
President of the Southern Transitional Council
Aden on January 13th 2019.

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