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Spokesman of Abyan Axis: It’s only media victories for Muslim Brotherhood

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Captain Mohammad Al-Naqib, the official spokesman for the Fourth Military Region and Abyan Axis front, said that the Brotherhood’s militia achieves only media victories, and that is why it tried to infiltrate towards the Darajaj area in the mountain sector to take pictures and broadcast fake victories.

He added that Southern Resistance fighters killed the cells that infiltrated towards the Darajaj area in the mountain sector, which infiltrated and took the photo to achieve a media victory only after they failed to achieve any achievement or breakthrough in the field.

He continued, “The southern forces dealt with the infiltrators with sophistication, as they lured them to other areas, and these elements were eleminated, and some of them were besieged and the rest were captured, in addition to pursuing the rest of the cells in Sala valley.

Al-Naqib stressed : “The situation is under control as it has been previously, and our southern forces seized many military vehicles,”.


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