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Supreme Economic Committee holds extraordinary meeting to discuss latest economic developments on southern scene

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The Supreme Economic Committee of the Southern Transitional Council, on Monday, held an extraordinary meeting, headed by Dr. Mohammed Matash, Chairman of the Committee, to discuss the directives of the political leadership of the Southern Transitional Council, represented by President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, the President of the Council, regarding the economic issues and developments in the southern arena.

In its meeting, the committee got briefed on the directives of the political leadership of the Transitional Council, which stipulated that the necessary consultations to be provided to manage and improve basic resources in a way that enables the Transitional Council’s leadership to fund the necessary requirements for the current stage, especially with regard to services, and how to confront the Houthi aggression against the South.

The committee discussed the most important ways to deal with the current economic situation, as it approved assigning the sub-committees emanating from the Supreme Economic Committee to implement the directives according to the mechanisms that should be formulated in this regard.

In its meeting, the committee discussed a number of high-priority files, including issues related to resource management, data collection on displaced people, fictitious jobs, and other files affecting the economic situation.

The meeting tasked the relevant committees with identifying mechanisms to ensure the immediate success of the political leadership’s directives and through the implementation of a field work program in a way that enables the leadership to carry out its leadership role in a manner that meets the necessary needs of southerners, and in a manner that limits crises as a result of the war of services being practiced against the people of the South.

The meeting concluded with a set of recommendations related to the economic and service file in the south to be submitted to the political leadership for consideration.

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