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The Chamber of Commerce warns against the decision to raise the exchange rate of the dollar for customs

SMA NEWS – ADEN the Capital

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the capital, Aden, revealed a number of consequences that will befall citizens as a result of the government’s decision to raise the price exchange value of the US dollar for customs in Aden.

This came in a statement in which the Chamber of Commerce announced its rejection of the government’s decision, which was issued without consulting with it, because the decision would lead to starvation among citizens and would severely harm the movement of trade, in addition to that it would lead to imbalances in the availability of foodstuffs and would destabilize the security community with the expansion of hunger.

The statement also indicated that the decision will result in the import of lower quality goods to reduce the cost and will raise the prices of imported materials to double, which will increase the burdens on the citizens, in addition to the expansion of smuggling operations and the reluctance of the port of Aden that will follow the decision, which will blow up the rest of the state’s customs revenues.

The Chamber of Commerce called on merchants to freeze opening any customs clearance forms until this problem, which it described as dangerous, is resolved.

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