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The Crisis Cell in the General Secretariat of Transitional Council Presidency holds its periodic meeting


The Crisis Cell in the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held onTuesday,its periodic meeting headed by Dr. Khaled Bamdhaf, Head of the Political Department, Head of the Cell.

The meeting reviewed the scene of the crises in the capital Aden, in particular, and the southern governorates in general, and its related issues.

The meeting discussed the state of crises on the service side, especially the water and electricity blackouts and the lack of oil derivatives, as well as the delay in paying employees’ salaries in civil institutions and the military sectors, and other prominent crises in the southern scene.

The meeting also discussed military developments, especially the resurgence of the Brotherhood militias in the sites they withdrew from earlier in Abyan governorate and their recruitment of reinforcements in violation of the mechanism to accelerate the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement, through which this militia aims to disrupt the Riyadh Agreement and obstruct its implementation and create a new crisis in this regard.

The meeting dealt with the repercussions of the unilateral decisions made by President Hadi, which bypassed the Riyadh Agreement and its main parties in clear and explicit violation of what was agreed upon.

The meeting called on sponsors of the Riyadh Agreement to take the necessary measures regarding these violating decisions, and also recommended to afford the necessity support to the government of 50\50 to play its role to improve the service side.

The meeting also discussed a number of proposals related to the current crisis management, as well as reviewed and approved the minutes of its previous meeting.

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