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The Presidency of the Council holds its periodic meeting chaired by President Al-Zubaidi

SMA NEWS – ADEN the capital

The Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held, today, Thursday, its periodic meeting, chaired by President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, the President of the Council.

In the meeting, the Presidency of the Council saluted our southern people on the occasion of the anniversary of the southern liberating revolution against the occupation, injustice, and domination of the gang of Sana’a regime that invaded the homeland of the South on 7/7/1994, praising the speech delivered by President Al-Zubaidi to the people of the South on this occasion, in which he renewed the pledge and covenant to complete the tasks of the blessed southern revolution until achieving all its goals of liberation and independence, and restoring the state of the South on its entire national borders before May 21, 1990.

The meeting was attended by the Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Council, Governor of the capital, Aden, Ahmed Hamed Lamlas, and the ministers of the Transitional Council in the parity government, in which the Presidency reviewed the acts of repression and terrorism that were ruthlessly practiced by the Brotherhood militia in Shabwa governorate and Lauder district of Abyan against the peaceful demonstrators, who came out on the occasion of Southern Land Day, that caused to injuring a number of the peaceful demonstrators, as well as dozens of demonstrators were arrested, in a hysterical campaign practiced by the Brotherhood militia backed by the forces of terrorism, coming from the north against our people in Shabwa, who are the owners of their land, wealth and sovereignty.

The Presidency of the Council highly valued the heroic role of the people of Shabwa, who implemented their program and their planned uprising, no matter what are the threats of the Brotherhood militia, stressing that Shabwa stands with all its sons against the intruders who are looking for an alternative homeland in Shabwa, and in its oil and gas fields, which were and will only be for its people.

The Presidency called on international organizations concerned with human rights and the countries of the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to open an urgent investigation into the violations, crimes, and acts of terrorism that were practiced against our people in Shabwa, as well as the speedy release of all abductees, detainees and prisoners, and affording compensation and treatment for the wounded.

The Presidency of the Council warned the Brotherhood militia against committing similar acts against our revolting people in Hadramout governorate, praising the initiative of the people of Mukalla and Hadramout valley to commemorate this anniversary that is dear to every southerner, as it is linked to the homeland, sovereignty and identity, and no force on earth can stop it under any justification.

In the same context, the Presidency of the Council was briefed on the violations and fallacies practiced by the other party, as well as the internal local wars that it triggered in more than one location in the South, contrary to what was stated in the provisions of the Riyadh Agreement, calling on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to exercise pressure that would oblige it to implement the terms of the agreement that the Southern Transitional Council has committed to, and is still committed to, as it’s the right way out to resolve the current situation.

At the conclusion of its periodic meeting, the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council renewed its call for the release of the brother of the member of the Council Presidency, Mr. Abdul Rahman Sheikh, who was kidnapped by terrorist forces months ago, stressing that his continued detention without any justification would lead to the continuation of the escalation that is open to all possibilities.

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