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The Southern armed forces break Houthi attack in the fronts northwest of Al-Dhalea

SMA NEWS – Al-Dhalea

The northwestern fronts of Al-Dhalea are witnessing violent confrontations and clashes in the sectors of Battar, Sabirah and Al-Jobb fronts, due to a response to an attack launched by the Houthi militia, which is trying to advance towards the positions of the Southern forces.

This attack and confrontations came after the northern Al-Dhalea fronts witnessed a night of continuous confrontations and clashes that lasted for long hours since the early hours of Saturday dawn and until this time in the various sectors of the fronts northern Al-Dhalea fronts.

According to a military source affiliated with the 1st Brigade, Al-Dhalea Resistance, he confirmed that the confrontations erupted after the Houthi militia launched a massive attack in which it exploited the fall of the rain and tried to advance towards the southern forces’ positions in the sectors of Sabira, Al-Jobb, Habeel Al-Dahna and Battar in a desperate attempt to advance to achieve any victory to motivate its fighters after it suffered major defeats and lost many of its positions in Al-Fakher front in the battles that broke out at dawn on Saturday.

The military source added that the heroes of the southern armed forces dealt with the attack of the Houthi militia, with a counter-military operation in which they caused the Houthis heavy losses in lives and equipment and killed at least 15 of the elements that tried to infiltrate, and wound a number of others.

The military source concluded, that the heroes of the southern armed forces are chasing the Houthi elements in the vicinity of the areas of confrontation, after many Houthi fighters were killed as their plans were thwarted, by the heroes of the southern armed forces.

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