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The Transitional Council Executive in Lahj stands in front of security situation in the governorate


The executive body of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Lahj governorate held on Tuesday, its periodic meeting for the month of May, headed by lawyer Ramzi Al-Shuaibi, head of the executive body.

The meeting stood before a number of important issues and topics related to the affairs of the governorate, foremost of which is the repercussions of the security incidents witnessed in a number of governorate districts and their impact on security, stability and public tranquility.

The Transitional Council Executive of Lahj expressed its deep regret over the chaos that took place in the Habil Jabr district last week, and the resulting repercussions that were reflected in the security and stability of the district and some neighboring districts, and opened the way for some elements to exploit the issue to offend the Transitional Council and the people of the district.

The meeting denounced the fact that some elements threatened the head of the executive body of the local leadership of the Transitional Council in the district of Habeel Jabr, Mr. Faisal Jubran, and the attempt to raid and close the headquarters of the local leadership in the district, stressing that such actions and practices are totally rejected and serve only the enemies of the district and the south in general who seek to strike the southern social fabric.

The Transitional Council Executive of Lahj affirmed that any issues or disputes should be resolved through official frameworks and in accordance with the system and the law, and that it will stand by any citizen in extracting his right and lifting injustice against him before any party, calling on everyone to exercise restraint and to resort to the logic of reason, and not to provide an opportunity for the lurking forces that work day and night on fueling the conflict and striking the cohesion of the people of the south.

The Executive Authority sent a message to the military authorities in Al-Dhalea governorate to cooperate with the military and security authorities in Radfan and to stand up to the causes that resulted in some security incidents and to treat them wisely and responsibly to block any attempts to use the repercussions of those events and to ensure that they do not spread.

The meeting began with a speech by lawyer Ramzi Al-Shuaibi, in which he reviewed the latest developments in the situation and the results of the meeting with President Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, the President of the Southern Transitional Council, with tribal leaders and social figures of Al-Sabiha districts.

Al-Shuaibi indicated that the meeting was purposeful and fruitful and focused on the attempts of the enemies of the south to target the southern cause through attempts to split the unity of the patriotic sons of Al-Sabiha, preoccupying them with internal conflicts and dragging them away from their cause and their lofty goal.

Al-Shuaibi confirmed that there are local forces seeking to try to control the coastal strip of the Al-Sabiha districts with the aim of imposing their plans hostile to the aspirations of the people of the south.

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