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Violent battles in Al-Dhali after breaking attack of the Houthi enemy north of Al-Fakher

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The Fourth Brigade Resistance and the joint forces, managed to break in north of Al-Fakher a march of the Houthi militia backed by heavy and medium-armed coverage.

According to the commander of the Fourth Brigade Resistance, Colonel / Osan Al-Shaari, the heroes of the Fourth Brigade managed to thwart the Houthi advance and broke its progress, and that the offensive battle turned into a violent mutual shelling with medium weapons and extended to Habeel Al-Abdi.


Colonel / Osan Al-Shaari said that the artillery units carried out proactive strikes at five in the evening on the militia sites in and around Al-Nabijah.


The battles intensified in recent days, following a calm in most fronts during the Eid Al-Fitr holiday.

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