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With UAE Financial Support, Governor of Hadhramaut Launches the First Security Training Course

[su_label]SMA News – Hadhramaut – Exclusive [/su_label][su_spacer] Brigadier General Farag Salmeen Al-Ba Hasany, governor of Hadhramaut and commander of the second military zone, launched the first security training course financed by UAE government in coordination with Yemeni ministry of internal affairs. Brigadier Ahmed Saif Ben Zaitoun Al-Mehry, representative of ministry of internal affairs, and other security and military commanders of the governorate and Arab Coalition attended the launch.
During the launch of the course that will last for 10 months and includes 1000 security personnel, Al- Ba Hasany indicated that the course is a major achievement for Hadhramaut and will have positive effects on the performance of its security systems. He added that the training is not limited to personnel as security post will be maintained, restored and provided with cars, motor bikes and other technical requirements, including weapons and telecommunication devices.
Al- Ba Hasany also indicated that police and security sector in Hadhramaut was target for many years of systematic operations that aimed to eliminate its cadres through assassinations by terrorists. He also asserted that it is very important for personnel to interact positively with the program and to obey trainers so as the program can achieve its goals and graduates can handle their responsibilities.
Governor of Hadhramaut thanked the Arab Coalition headed by Saudi Arabia, especially UAE who financed this program in a clear indication of care for the governorate.
In their speeches during the launch, Brigadier Salem Al-Khanbashy, Chief of Hadhramaut Security and Police Department, and Brigadier Muneer Al-Tamimi, commander of Hadhramaut Elites Brigade and commander of the program, indicated the significance of this program in improving the performance level of security bodies in the field of inspection, investigation, patrolling and other police-related works.

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