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Southern Activists Launch (#October_Southern_Determination) in Celebration of the First Independence and Pursuit of the Second One.

SMA News – Report – Exclusive
In celebration of the 55th anniversary of October 14th Revolution, southern activists on face book and tweeter launched a hashtag titled: (#October_Southern_Determination. The hashtag came in celebration of the October 14th revolution against British occupation in the south, especially in Aden.
Under this hashtag, several southern figures discussed political and revolutionary topics including the continuation of public uprising to overthrow the corrupt government and to manage governmental revenues in a good way. Some even called for a new October revolution to fulfill the expectations of the southern people in restoring the state and achieving the second independence at the same month of the first one.
Last Wednesday, Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council issued a statement calling for a public uprising in all southern governorates to control public facilities and organization in addition to private ones and to secure them in a message to public opinion inside and outside the south that southern people are capable to secure the state’s facilities and properties.
The hashtag, launched by southern social media activists, represents the symbolic significance of October as the month of revolution against occupation.
Through this hashtag, the campaign calls for public mobilization towards goals of the revolution in a clear reference to a second revolution to achieve the second independence according to international politics and joints coalitions in addition to national and ethical commitments to preserve the state’s properties, both public and private, as part of noble goals of the revolution including: protecting, securing and preserving national organizations as a main means to restore the state and achieve public expectations in independence and freedom.

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